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Oorja Danceworks - The Dance School is to provide true to its nature and powerful education. Our teachings are focused on technique and choreography, body anatomy, and musicality. Since our audience is diverse we have a wide range of classes available to cater to varied needs.


Oorja was established in 2016 in Chandigarh, India and we are forever grateful for the city's support. 


As of November 1st, 2022, we will only be operating in Canada 


Oorja Danceworks is for everyone, and by everyone we mean EVERYONE. No matter what age or gender, Oorja Danceworks has something in store for you.

"There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age"

Sophia Loren

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